Why You Must Floss Daily

Why You Must Floss Daily

Just as you have to brush your teeth every day to keep a clean and healthy mouth, you must floss daily to ensure clean gums. Although some people disregard flossing, this routine is essential to maintaining good general health.

Without flossing, your chances of developing gum disease may increase. Medical studies have shown that gum disease and serious health concerns such as heart disease, strokes, and cancer are linked. Gum disease can also damage the bones that support teeth.

An additional benefit of flossing is that you can enjoy a cleaner mouth. It removes food particles located between the teeth. It also eliminates plaque, a sticky substance created from bacteria, which can lead to cavities or gum disease. Bacteria also causes bad breath to occur.

Flossing may cause bleeding or sore gums, this is normal and expected when you have minimal experience flossing. Continue this routine and the soreness and bleeding will eventually end.

There are various types of floss you can look for. Some are thin and have a flat, wide dental tape. Other types are waxed and have regular width dental tape. You can also use floss that is either flavored or unflavored.

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