Endodontic Treatment at Marina Dentistry

What is an “Endodontist”? That person is your very own dentist, and what is “Endodontic Treatment”? In simplified terms, it means “Root Canal”, it’s the most popular procedure nowadays that is expertly offered here at Marina Del Rey Dentistry, which generally aims to maintain your natural teeth as a base for a healthier foundation for various biting and chewing in the coming years that you will encounter.

You can find the best endodontist specialists here at Marina Dentistry! When you go through this kind of procedure you will need the most excellent hands to take care of your special needs. The dentists who are most qualified to perform this procedure are those that have completely finished dental school, with another additional two years of advanced training.

The Process of Endodontic Treatment

When you say endodontic treatment, it means treating the inside of your natural tooth. Let’s start with the basic anatomy of your teeth. Inside the white enamel of your tooth as well as the hard layer called “dentin”, is the soft tissue known as the “pulp”. This pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and the connective tissue which develops hard tissues that surrounds the teeth during development. The pulp proliferates starting from the crown of the tooth towards the tip of its roots. Once the teeth reach maturity, it can now sustain its continuance without the pulp with the aid of the tissues surrounding the teeth.

The whole point of the procedure is to efficiently remove the infected or inflamed pulp which can be mainly caused by repeated dental procedures, a very deep decay or sometimes a chip or a crack on the tooth which is already causing a fuss to the patient. Pulps inflammations or infections can lead to pain and abscess, which is another reason why an endodontic treatment is always substantial.

The Marina del Rey Root Canal Expert

Upon removal of the infected pulp, the inside of the tooth is then cleaned carefully and shaped properly, then filled and sealed cautiously by the endodontist specialist. You will then be instructed to come back after several days to be installed a crown for your tooth as well as other restoration on your tooth to bring it back to its optimal functioning.

So is it possible to have all your teeth treated endodontically? The answer is… Approximately, most of it can be saved; it sometimes cannot be applicable for teeth which have root canals that cannot be accessed, a severely fractured root, and a tooth with no capable bone support.

Get Satisfaction with Endodontic Treatment

Furthermore, you may be curious if you will feel any distress or pain during the procedure, this a common question with a very positive answer. Most patients who have undergone endodontic procedure here at Marina Del Rey Dentistry have testified to NOT feeling any unbearable pain or amplified distress during the whole procedure. Modern anesthetics and techniques are well utilized here at Marina Dentistry to give the utmost care for the patients and ensure their satisfaction.

The price is also well-settled here at Marina Dentistry; with the superior service you can be certain to always get your money’s worth. But of course, the general cost of endodontic treatment will vary on the severity of your tooth’s problem. The teeth’s “Molars” usually causes more because it a lot harder to treat. All in all, you need not worry too much for the bills, since insurance can be arranged for your procedure to be covered. Not only will you get the finest offers here at Marina Del Rey Dentistry, but will also get the quality service of the most qualified and certified dentists, nurses and staff. With Marina Dentistry we don’t treat you just as patients, but we take you as our family.

Visit or contact us now to maintain your healthy smile and get that trustworthy rapport. With Marina Del Rey Dentistry you are assured that we are qualified and certified.

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