Prosthodontics is the dental specialty that deals with the prosthetic teeth that are used to fix problems caused by missing teeth. They offer many levels of services, including facial treatments such as treatment of jaw and face muscle abnormalities. These abnormalities can be caused by lack of dental hygiene, face trauma, or a birth defect. There are many options to help patients who have lost teeth due to these many causes. Prosthodontists work closely with patients to determine which option is best, and to implement the prosthetic chosen. The implementation of these options helps to maximize the functionality of the connection between the implant and the existing bone structure.

Cosmetic dentistry such as dental veneers and other bonded restorations can help create a beautiful smile by whitening, brightening, and shaping teeth. This helps solve the problems of discoloration, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and the effects of uneven teeth.

Crowns are teeth covers that are typically made of metal and/or porcelain. They are attached to the damaged tooth, and can last for up to ten years. They can be used to cover chips and cracks on the teeth, and provide a smooth bite. They can be made to look identical to the naturally occurring teeth of the patient.

Removable partial dentures are made for people who are only missing some teeth. This allows them to keep their natural teeth, reducing the pain of extraction. These are easy to clean since they can be removed at any time. Also, if jaw structure changes, they are easy to replace.

Fixed partial dentures are generally preferred by people who have lost only some of their teeth. This reduces the need to have teeth extracted, which can be painful, before adhering the plates to the gum and jawline. There is usually some generalized pain with the fixture of the new partials. This passes soon, however, and the fixed partial dentures appear more natural in feel and use than removable.

Removable complete dentures are replacements for patients who have lost all teeth or choose to have all remaining teeth extracted. This helps patients with nutrition by enabling them to chew more foods than not having teeth would allow them. This allows them to feel less self-conscious. The ability to remove the dentures allows for ease of cleaning.

Fixed complete dentures are supported by the bone structure, and are most like real teeth, due to the fact that they are not removable, and will not slide or pinch if placed properly. They should be taken care of the same as naturally occurring teeth in order to avoid discoloration and plaque buildup. Although dentures cannot have cavities, the buildup of plaque can still cause health issues ranging from simple bad breath to the more serious cardiovascular disorder.

The prosthodontics professionals of Marina Dentistry will carefully review the health of the patient and have a consultation before making any recommendations. Marina Dentistry accepts most forms of insurance, and there are many different payment options available. All communications and information will be maintained in accordance with HIPPA privacy laws.

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