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Dr. Sameer Aljanedi

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Marina Dentistry offers local services in the Marina del Rey area to help you to achieve the perfect smile. Whether you are looking for a regular checkup or you want to see what we can do to boost the way that your teeth look and feel, we are happy to offer our services. Currently, our office accepts patients of all ages, including children and seniors. We provide a variety of dental specialties including dental implants, porcelain crowns, and veneers. 

The Marina Dentistry team is led by Dr. Sameer Aljanedi, who has years of experience in perfecting smiles. Our team is happy to work with all PPO dental plans, as well as a range of HMO plans including Delta Dental and Anthem. We also accept a variety of financing options from industry leading lends including CareCredit and more, so give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

New Patient Specials

Invisalign Gold Provider

Did You Know Marina Dentistry was recognized as a top Invisalign provider?

Invisalign has transformed the smiles of over 12 million patients.

Depending on the complexity of your case, you could complete your treatment in as little as 6 months. But you’ll start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

Some of the benefits of Invisalign include

Marina Dentistry has been recognized by Invisalign as a Gold provider for 2022


Prosthodontics is a practice focused on prosthetic teeth and any impacts that you might experience from missing teeth. We offer various services in this niche including facial treatments pertaining to muscular abnormalities for muscles near the jaw and around the face.


Our periodontal services are designed to help you improve the quality of your gums. We are happy to help you with everything from prevention to diagnosis and treatment. Our team knows all about gums and the other tissues that support and envelop the teeth, and we are committed to ensuring that your gums are healthy and ready to support your teeth for years to come.


We know that not all kids love the dentist, but we love working with kids all the same. Pedodontics is the specific field of providing dental services for children and adolescents in a way that makes them feel comfortable and empowered. Our dentists are well-versed in child psychology so that your little one always feels good about getting their teeth cleaned.


Not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth, but our team is committed to getting you there. Orthodontic services include the use of braces and other dental tools to ensure that your teeth are exactly where they need to be. Whether it is for aesthetics or to improve your health, we are ready to sort out your smile.

Dental Implants

Through the use of dental implants, you can regain the comfort of a full set of healthy teeth. Our implants are specially designed to fit perfectly within your smile and can offer you a lifetime of dental support. It is a great way to recover from a lost or damaged tooth.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are one of the most innovative breakthroughs that our field has ever seen. With a crown, you can easily restore glory to a tooth that has been compromised in some capacity. Our crowns look great, feel great, and offer the kind of additional support that your teeth need.

Deep Cleaning

Most people brush their teeth every day, but a deep clean goes the extra mile. With our professional deep cleaning services, we will make sure that your teeth are absolutely sparkling. This is important for fighting buildup and other unpleasantries that might compromise your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants an award-winning smile, and teeth whitening can get you there. Our approach makes it easy for you to receive white teeth through a series of treatments so that your smile always looks great. Say goodbye to stains, discoloration, and other pesky problems!

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a much-loved product because of what they can do for your smile. These stunning covers are added to your teeth, offering protection and a perfectly uniform appearance. It is a great way to get teeth that look and feel great so that you always smile for your pictures!

Dental Membership Plans

1 Person

Includes Dental Membership For 1
$ 125 Yearly
  • 1 Person
  • Complimentary Comprehensive Exam
  • Unlimited Emergency Exam
  • 2 Regular Cleanings
  • & More

2 People

Includes Dental Membership For 2
$ 225 Yearly
  • 2 People
  • Complimentary Comprehensive Exam
  • Unlimited Emergency Exam
  • 2 Regular Cleanings
  • & More

Family Plan

Dental Membership for The Whole Family
$ 300 Yearly
  • 1 Family
  • Complimentary Annual Exam
  • Unlimited Emergency Exam
  • 2 Regular Cleanings
  • & More
Best Value

Don't Have Dental Insurance?

Learn how Marina Dentistry financing options work to help you receive treatment today. We offer flexible payment plans including CareCredit and other major lending programs. Give us a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn about how we can work with you!

Become a Member Today

Join our dental membership program to start receiving exclusive benefits and perks today. A few of these benefits include three cleanings per year, an annual comprehensive exam, complimentary cancer screenings, and much more. We love our patients and we love giving back to them when we can!

New Patient Specials

We love meeting new patients, so we try to spoil them when we can. Learn about the specials that we offer including free exams, veneers, dental implants, Invisalign, and more. Contact our team today to learn all about what have to offer you when you work with us!

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