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Family Dentistry and Over-all Oral Health at Marina Del Rey Dentistry

Here at Marina Del Rey Dentistry “Family Dentistry” is offered with the most affordable consultation fee and quality service. When you talk about family dentistry, it involves the medical services which include the over-all maintenance of oral health and hygiene for patients in different age groups. The family dentist’s goal is to maintain low levels of plaque build-up around the teeth of his/her patients, fill and treat cavities, eradicate tooth decay and keep their patient’s gums healthy.

Family dentistry is considered as the primary level of defense to prevent serious dental problems. The “American Dental Association” or ADA advises the general public to visit their family dentist for a regular check-up in a minimum of two check-ups per year. During these check-ups the patient should have his/her teeth undergo general or deep cleaning to prevent plaque build-up which usually causes tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are also recommended to aid in coating the teeth to make it stronger and less prone to the said decay. If during the check-ups, a cavity is detected – a filling can be done to prevent any serious progression of any tooth problem. All these services are offered here Marina Del Rey Dentistry with the most optimum level of customer service.

Family Dentist Qualifications

Family Dentists first needs to earn an undergraduate degree and pass the “Dental Admission Test” or DAT and complete a three to five year of dental school to be certain that he/she will possess the competitive traits to give excellent service to patients as a dentist. The school of dentistry is an intensive curriculum in medical school. After the student graduates, he/she must ace the “National Board Dental Examinations” or NBDE to get a license to be able to practice his/her profession. Further studies would lead him/her to the degree of “Doctor of Dental Surgery” (DDs) or “Doctor of Dental Medicine” (DMD).

If you are in search for all these qualifications in a family dentist, then your search is over, Marina Del Rey Dentistry has all the qualified and certified dentists, nurses and staff to give you the most excellent care you can possibly imagine. We are open for an initial appointment anytime within office hours for you to feel at ease with our service. It is substantial, especially for children to feel comfortable with his/her dentists in order to build trust. Visiting the dentist could be an anxiety-filled experience for children. Once the child feels at home with the place and the person, it can be a less traumatic experience for him/her. It is the same case for some adults; a good relationship with your family dentist is therefore always substantial.

Maintaining the Over-all Oral Health

Getting regular check-ups as recommended by the ADA will enable you to save more money by preventing your need to see dental specialists. When your teeth already needs, root canals or implants, then it already encompasses the task of a family dentist and will now require an endorsement to a dental specialist. “Teeth whitening” on the other hand is still part of a family dentist’s services which is a most requested treatment here at Marina Del Rey Dentistry with our friendly prices and superior services with exceptional results. You need teeth whitening every once in awhile to keep your smile whiter and brighter. Other responsibilities of a family dentist includes giving additional helpful tips like proper brushing, techniques in flossing and preventing plaque and tooth decay. A good relationship with your family dentist is always important as I have mentioned before hand, to keep your general oral health.

Visit or contact us now to maintain your healthy smile and get that trustworthy rapport. With Marina Del Rey Dentistry you are assured that we are qualified and certified.

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