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Marina Dentistry offers the new Invisalign teeth straightening program. The Invisalign process offers many advantages over traditional braces. These advantages include affordability, comfortableness, quickness and ease of use. The best advantage of Invisalign, however, are the health benefits that can be Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign does not require the painful procedure of tightening wires. This reduces the discomfort that is associated with the tightening. The lack of wires also reduces the discomfort of having the brackets and wires rubbing the gums inside the lips.

Another aspect of the Invisalign product that makes it comfortable is the fact that they are removable. They can be removed to eat, unlike braces, which means that items such as ice, gum, or carrots do not have to be avoided. The ability to remove the Invisalign also makes it more comfortable for sports. If playing full contact sports, it is possible to remove the product to avoid damage to the gums from brackets and wires. Another aspect of Invisalign that makes it comfortable is the fact that they are nearly invisible, and therefore, for certain people, will be less cause of a self image issue.

Marina Dentistry has been recognized by Invisalign as a Gold provider for 2022

Correct misaligned teeth without the need for traditional metal braces.


The lack of brackets and wires makes brushing teeth after eating a lot less painstaking and bothersome. No more flossing between brackets and under wires. Simply remove the Invisalign and brush and floss as normal. This reduces time and frustration, and makes it easier to remove food particles from the teeth, which can reduce bacteria in the mouth.

Invisalign is simple to use. Once the orthodontist has fitted the patient with the properly shaped, individualized product, it is simply placed over the teeth in the same fashion as a retainer. It is quickly, comfortably and easily placed or removed, making the dental corrections process less painful, and easier to care for the teeth and gums.

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Caring properly for the teeth and gums can provide many health benefits. Not only will the gums and teeth be more aesthetically pleasing, as well as reducing bad breath, there are several major health issues than can be affected by proper care of the mouth, as well. Many studies have been done regarding the effects of dental care on the body. Several health issues that can be prevented by dental care include diabetes, stroke, pneumonia, and even heart disease. By correcting dental problems such as over bite, under bite or cross bite, many other problems can be corrected, such as speech impediments, jaw soreness, difficulty chewing, and the erosion of tooth enamel.

Marina Dentistry offers Invisalign product to all patients. The orthodontic staff is fully trained and professional. The staff is ready to assist you with your new Invisalign product. Contact us today for more information, or to determine insurance coverage from your company. All communications and records are kept confidential for the patient’s privacy.

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