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With dental implants, you have the opportunity to show off a beautiful smile again. It allows you to replace missing teeth with artificial, but natural-looking ones. They do not require extensive maintenance and can fit perfectly without complications or discomfort. Patients prefer these to dentures.

A typical dental implant procedure begins with an evaluation to determine if it is necessary. You will make this decision when you are missing one or multiple teeth. Dental implants can be the best alternative if your jawbone has reached full growth and you are unable to wear dentures or bridges.

The implant screws will be placed in your jawbone through surgical methods. This part of the procedure can be safely completed with anesthetics. This screw allows for the eventual restoration to be supported.

After the insertion of the implant, a temporary will be designed and provided to match your teeth’s natural appearance and functions. With a temporary crown, you can continue to chew comfortably and perform your regular oral hygiene routine.

Once the permanent crowns have been completed, they will replace the temporary ones. They provide aesthetic and functional benefits that will maximize the quality of your smile.

Dr. Sameer carries with him an extensive history of success performing dental implants in the Marina del Rey and Huntington Beach areas. If you are seeking a qualified expert to transform your smile, you have reached the right dentist. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how dental implants can work for you.

When you have lost teeth or find yourself missing them, it can be a bit frustrating. It can be difficult to not have the full range of teeth to use, and you probably won’t like the way that it looks. Fortunately, dental implants grant you the ability to add a substitute tooth back into the mix that will leave you looking better than ever. Our processes mimic your real teeth with roots and all so that you can chew confidently and smile wide for every single photo!

There are a variety of reasons that you might be looking into implants as an option, but we like to focus on the real benefits of a good implants. To start, dental implants full replace the missing root of a tooth. You might not think that your roots are used for much more than connecting your teeth, but they actually dramatically influence the integrity of your jawbone. Roots stimulate your jawbone so that it can be reinforced. This is important for impact damage as well as chewing. Fortunately, with an implant, the synthetic root structure can stimulate this same resiliency for you.

A dental implant involves taking a titanium cylinder and surgically adding it to your jaw. This will act as the replacement for your root so that the synthetic tooth can be applied on top. The end result is a complete replacement for the tooth that you lost. It can be used to fill a space, make your smile look that much better, or even provide comfort and support for your other teeth.

Implants Can Be Used To:

  • Replace damaged or lost teeth
  • Replace teeth that have been pulled due to dental or medical problems
  • Offer durable alternatives to teeth that are missing for any reason
  • Mimic the feeling, look, and function of real teeth

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