Strawberries and Baking Sodas, Debunking their Whitening Benefits
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Strawberries and Baking Soda

Strawberries and Baking Sodas, Debunking their Whitening Benefits

You may have heard from people that mixing a fruit and baking soda and applying them to your teeth causes a whitening effect. It is easy to take this advice seriously, especially since it is an inexpensive option for teeth whitening.

While there are some merits to the claim, recent research shows that the process only removes superficial debris. This makes the teeth appear whiter, but the effect is temporary. Eventually, plaque and debris will build up again and cause the teeth to darken.

The fruit and baking soda mixture may also lead to a reduced surface durability of your teeth. This makes them more susceptible to decay.

If you want to achieve a permanently whiter smile, you need a substance that really penetrates through the surface enamel and breaks down the stain molecules. This allows teeth to be whitened from the inside out for better and long-lasting results.

For professional teeth whitening treatment, we recommend you contact our office and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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