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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Marina Dentistry’s Laser Procedure

Laser Dentistry is a technological advancement that is a distinguished service that is now offered here at Marina Dentistry. It involves an instrument that generates a very linear, extreme light energy beam, which gives the dental specialist the ability to gain control of the power output and the duration of tissue exposure. This allows for the treatment of a highly specific area of focus without damaging surrounding tissues. A reaction is produced when the light of the laser touches a tissue. The light it produces can vaporize, remove or shape a tissue. This dental procedure has been used since the 1990’s, and further perfected with today’s current advancements.

Uses of Dental Lasers

Marina Dentistry’s laser procedure offers various dental treatments to make it a more favorable experience to the patients. It can be used to fix speech problems which is caused by a tongue-tie that prevents the normal tongue movement, remove the decay from a cavity and prepare the patient’s tooth for a filling, uncover wisdom teeth that has partially erupted, manage gum tissues during the impression for crowns, take out the muscle pulls like what is seen in orthodontic patients, perform biopsy procedures, take out tissues that are swollen that could possibly be caused by medications, reshape or take out excess gum and tissues of the bone during the crown lengthening procedures, take out inflamed gum tissues and lessen the amount of bacteria surrounding a periodontal pocket, lessen the discomforts of cankers and cold sores, treat infections in root canals and abscessed gums, and activate the whitening chemicals that are utilized in lightening the teeth.

Aside from the numerous uses of laser surgery that are offered here at Marina Dentistry, it also has distinct advantages that are opting for the advantage of the patients. With laser dentistry, the dental specialist may not need the use of a drillmaster or administer any amnesia which in turn offers the patient a more enjoyable and soothing experience. Aside from that, these procedures are more accurate, assuring the patient of a high precision quality work. The use of lasers could also shorten the amount of healing time and lessen the symptoms, lasers also lowers the number of bacteria in the deceased gum tissue as well as inside the tooth cavities, lasers can also help control bleedings during dental surgeries because the high-energy light beam helps in the clotting or coagulation of the exposed blood vessels, thus inhibiting blood loss.

Safety of Laser Surgery Procedures

The safety of laser surgeries is no question as long as you adhere to the safety precautions during the procedure. As the laser procedure is working its magic, you and the dental specialist will be wearing a special kind of eyeglasses to keep your eyes protected from the laser. In Marina Del Rey Dentistry, we assure you that the dental specialist that performs this type of procedure has a significant amount of experience, as well as advancement trainings with proper dental educations and credentials.

Other Valuable Uses of Laser Surgery Procedures

Other uses of the laser procedure includes treatment of tooth sensitivity, soft tissue fold treatments, tooth implants, viewing tooth and gum tissues, nerve regeneration, temporomandibular joint treatment, and painless removal of tumors of that are benign form the patients gums, sides of the cheeks, palate and lips.

Marina Dentistry provides incomparable services when it comes to laser surgery procedures. Visit or contact us now to maintain your healthy smile and get that trustworthy rapport. With Marina Del Rey you assured that we are qualified and certified.

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